Intensive English students chill out with ice cream!

Ice Cream Social 2015

Summers in Houston can be pretty warm, but our Intensive English students still know how to stay cool! Last week we hosted our annual ice cream social, an event where students meet in the dean’s commons of our Anderson-Clark Center to take a break from classes, munch on sandwiches, and enjoy free ice cream treats! We were so happy when many students discovered new favorites (after trying several varieties)! Morning and afternoon students, as well as their instructors, were able to mingle and get to know one another over ice cream…the very best way to make friends!

Ice Cream Social 2015 030_b

Ice Cream Social 2015 055_bIce Cream Social 2015 005_b

Ice Cream Social 2015 051_bIce Cream Social 2015 041_c







Author: Savannah Burch, Enrollment Coordinator

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8 Responses to Intensive English students chill out with ice cream!

  1. Today I’m very happy because I love English language I hope to be teach English go up to members professional thank you too much for everybody’s


  2. my name is abakar musa hamed from Sudan Darfur so right now I to improve my
    English language in the online I hope to known very well English language important because English interaction
    language thanks again all of you


    • mcl9riceedu says:

      Hi, Abakar! Thank you for your comments and interest in our Intensive English Program. You are right about the importance of the English language globally. Please keep in touch and let us know how your online English lessons go. If you would like, visit for more information about our program. Best of luck!


  3. khater Elyaas fadul Asmeil says:

    I am very happy to giving me visa. I am studying English language four years in the university but i have big problem. I am not able to speaking all people in my country spoke Arabic language . I am not able to developing myself and to be good speaker please help to me to improve second language.


    • mcl9riceedu says:

      Hello, Khater! Thank you for your interest in our Intensive English Program. I will send you information via email. The experience you are sharing is precisely why many students decide to come to the U.S. to learn English. Talk to you soon!


    • mcl9riceedu says:

      Hello, Khater,

      I tried sending you an email but it bounced back. The message I got said the email address was misspelled or had been deleted. I will try to contact you again if I don’t hear from you. Regards.


  4. Mokhlaroyim says: name is Mokhi. l am from Uzbekistan. l study at uzbek state world language university. l want learning English well with u .


    • mcl9riceedu says:

      Hello, Mokhi! Thank you for your interest in Rice University and our Intensive English Program. We will send you information about our programs via email. Talk to you soon!


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