ESL Students Have an XTREMEly Good Time at the Circus!

DSC_0013We love taking our Intensive English students to the circus when it comes to town every summer! This year, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey outdid themselves with their exciting “CIRCUS XTREME” show. Students especially enjoyed watching dancers perform on the backs of camels and heart-stopping aerial acrobatics, including a four-person tower…on a tightrope 35 feet in the air! We also got to see all of the circus classics: the big cats, goofy clowns, a live band, and a strong-man act. However, our absolute favorite performer was the human cannonball… the youngest female cannonball in Ringling Bros. history shot herself across the entire arena, did a flip in the air, and landed with a smile on her face! Some of our students captured really great videos of her performance on Snapchat to send to their friends back home. We hope our students had a wonderful time at this classic American show!

Author: Savannah Burch, Enrollment Coordinator



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