Gifts and Games Galore at the Rice Intensive English Holiday Party!


‘Twas the night before finals and all through the city,
ESL students were studying most intently.
They needed a break or their tired brains were done,
So we were off to Dave & Buster’s to have well-earned fun!’

Yesterday was our last social activity of 2016, and it might have been one of the best we did all year! Intensive English students paused from their studies to celebrate the holidays with dinner, a gift exchange, and lots of arcade games at Dave & Buster’s! Students who participated in the gift exchange were excited to receive chocolate and coffee accessories and one darling little plushie Christmas mouse! After eating lots of nachos and sliders and unwrapping gifts, we discovered that our students were surprisingly good at racing games and skee ball…but not so good at air hockey. Thankfully, with classes ending next week they will have some free time to practice!

We want to wish our students a very happy holiday season, and look forward to seeing them back in class in 2017!

Author: Savannah Burch, Enrollment Coordinator




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