ESL Students “Strike” Up New Friendships at Bowling Night!


With classes meeting four hours daily for seven week sessions, we often think we know our Intensive English students very well by the middle of the session…but sometimes they still surprise us! Last week, we discovered that a number of our students are EXCELLENT bowlers when we took them to Dave & Buster’s for a bowling night. Who knew we had such talent in our program?

We were also delighted to see that our students are truly committed to meeting each other and practicing their English outside the classroom – students intentionally mixed and matched themselves so that each team was made up of different nationalities, language families, beginner, and advanced students. Some of them loved showing off their bowling skills (or lack thereof), but all of us cheered loudly for students who bowled strikes and spares AND for students who spent the night rolling gutter balls.

Author: Savannah Burch, Enrollment Coordinator




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