ESL Students Celebrate International Education Week with Food and Dancing

This week is International Education Week, a time to highlight the benefits of international education and exchangeWith students from five continents and 25 different countries this session, the Rice Intensive English Program has a lot to celebrate – and celebrate we did! Our students gathered to enjoy foods representing their home countries. We tried a variety of dishes, including Mediterranean favorites falafel and hummus, sopes from Mexico, dumplings from China and Taiwan, tequeños from Venezuela, and chocolates from Russia.

After that, students worked off the meal with a dance competition! The playlist was an eclectic mix of songs requested by students through social media. Our Turkish students taught everyone how to tap their toes to classics like Kasap Havası. We also bounced to some reggaeton by J Balvin and let loose with Gangnam Style, the K-Pop superhit by Psy. No matter what the beat, we love the enthusiasm our international students bring to our program.

Happy International Education Week!


Author: Laura Lynch, Enrollment Coordinator


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2 Responses to ESL Students Celebrate International Education Week with Food and Dancing

  1. Samuel O. Garcia says:

    Awesome I would like be part of the ESL classmate

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  2. mcl9riceedu says:

    Hello, Samuel! Thank you for your interest in the Rice University Intensive English Program. For general information about our program, please visit Please email if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you soon!


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